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All moved into our new house in Cleves, wich I found out that we are actually in Miami Township. AND, fireworks are legal, here, hell yea! ^_^ So, I want most of my old buddies to come up on July 4th for obvious reasons, and party with me while we try not to blow up the surrounding houses. I think it will be fun, plus I haven't seen anyone in forever.


And one more thing.

Everyone needs to look up a band called L'Arc~en~Ciel. They are japanese, but they have songs in english. And if you don't want to look them up, look up Hyde, the lead singer of the band, he has whole cd's in english. they are all hot, i guess, mostly Hyde. BUT- Hopefully they will be camping out in my backyard this summer, around the fourth. They happen to be friends of mine, and also one of the most popular rock bands in japan. So, yeah. Get to know them, before they nkow you. Coz, you don't want that to happen.

Ha, I'm such a dork.

Miss you guys!!
I have a new phone number, ask and you can have it^_^

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