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ho ho ho!

heyyyy everybodie^_^
I'm not sure who is all in this clarkie groupy thingy, BUT i know that lots of my old buddies are^_^ It's chelsea by the way^_^
Yup, i would of put somthing in here before, but- we're mving and it sucks. . .
anywho- hullo ^_^

got shit to do . . .

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CHELSEA!!! hey its jess...smith. ha but thats obvious. how are you?
Hi chelsea! I didn't even see you post! How have you been? It's Carissa... SO yeah, remember when we had health together? ha ok see you
Hey! I had your phone number. . . when you gave it to me. . . but I dunno where it is now. . . ~_~
Man, things are horrible. We're moving to Miami Township, not the rich one, but the hic one. The house we are moving into is way too small for my family and was badly built. Our ferret is dying, I lost my job, and I can't get my licence. BUT - I still have adam and my sister if out of the looney bin^_^ it's at least something to look foward to. Eventually thig swill turn around, I know, but it still sucks.
sorry things are rough. but hang in there. and you should come to graduation-- may 26 at 7pm at the aranoff. well, im off to work but i hope things get better for you.