Andy Griffith - America's Own Small Town Sheriff (plastic_passi0n) wrote in clarkies,
Andy Griffith - America's Own Small Town Sheriff

hey for those of you who dont know - i am edouard. i just joined; better late than never, right? and although a shameless plug is in poor taste for a first entry on a community, i must do it anyway...
everyone should come see my band Let Her Die Gorgeous at Radiodown on september 1st, at 7 o'clock. its only 5 bucks. the other bands that are playing are when sparks fly (nice guy records), better luck next year, and the culling song... if thats anymore incintive to come. also, if you're curious of what we sound like - go to
ok, i think i have met the requirements for dorking myself out - so.
until later.
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